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Data Capture

Data Entry Services

We provide accurate data entry from any format -- hand written originals, typed copy or scanned image.  Double key verification, where data entry is literally done a second time by a different clerk, is offered for extremely critical data.  Image or hard copy, online or in-house, as the project dictates.  Included in the many data entry projects we perform are:

  • Warranty Cards
  • Membership Applications
  • Mailing List Development Services
  • Judgment/Liens/Bankruptcy Information
  • Background Information
  • Professional Certifications
  • VIN Capture and Validation
  • Vehicle Accident Reports (Crash Reports)
  • Law Enforcement Reports
  • Tax Related Services
  • Document Scanning

    Database Programming

    Custom database programming that includes MS Access/VBA/SQL.  We can develop efficient business and list maintenance, desktop or web-based,  applications to streamline and manage your processes. 


    Case Studies

    Kids Club Applications This name brand company, a national food chain, was drowning in applications for their Kids Club.  A data entry service company  ...

    Background Data A well-known company that provides background information possesses a trustworthy reputation in the United States.  They found it necessary to change data entry service companies ...

    Police Accident Reports  We were awarded a new project to key data from 500,000+- police accident reports from all states.    DataPlus successfully performed this project, exceeding accuracy rates and was awarded an additional 300,000+- police crash reports for data entry.   ...